The company was founded in 1996.


LLC ‘Taysee” is a modern innovative company specializing in the production of different beverages.. We are aimed at producing and selling top quality drinks to meet all customers ‘requirements. The origin of the company dates back to 1996 when it first started its production. Since then, the company has been constantly improving its technology and production to keep it up to date. Experienced and highly qualified staff is also key to the success of our company.

Technological changes and innovation took place at the plant in 1999. This year can be regarded as a turning point in the development of our company as the following new equipment was installed: the Italian process line for beer bottling , the equipment for water softening and purification process as well as the facilities to provide a complete automation of the production line. Moreover, the company started to introduce an entirely new technology for alcohol production.
The equipment of this trademark is used at “Martini” plant in Italy. The factory is well equipped with three lines for alcoholic drinks bottling, one line for wine bottling and Tetra Pak equipment.
Wine storage facility is designed for 86000 daL whereas alcohol cellar can hold up to 12000 daL.

We are constantly working on improving the product quality. The control over the production is exercised by our highly qualified staff of the plant laboratory.. The company employs about 250 people. The range of the products is over 150 items. At present the company sells its products to 1500 retail shops and large retail chains. GPS system helps us to control the work of our managers and logistics department. We deliver products to six regions of the Siberian Federal District.

wine storage facility dal
Alcohol beverages storage facility daL
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